Slip resistors

GINO-AKA slip resistor solutions

Slip resistors are used together with our liquid starters for various applications. The resistor remains in the rotor circuit of the wound rotor induction motor and protects the system against current surges. Also these resistors are commonly used as load balancing resistor for dual drive applications.
GINO-AKA offers a variety of different slip resistor systems with forced air, oil cooling or natural convection cooling and supplies state of the art equipment manufactured by TELEMA group companies.

Slip resistor types

Depending on the application of the slip resistors GINO-AKA chooses the suitable resistor system from its wide portfolio:

  • Oil/water cooled slip resistors for high power applications in harshest environments such as sugar cane shredding.
  • Cast iron resistors with natural convection for high torque peaks and load balancing.
  • Forced air ventilation for high continuous resistor load.