• 2021

    Just one year after the creation of GINO-AKA SAS the well known liquid starter manufacturer from Germany, Elektroschaltgeräte Meerane GmbH (ESMMARS), was acquired. GINO-AKA SAS will uphold service and spare part availability for ESMMARS liquid starters and supply LRS from the own range for new projects.

  • 2020

    GINO AG (Germany) and Resistel (France) acquire AKA Automatismes from Mr. Albert Kohen to continue the business after his retirement. GINO-AKA SAS is created. From now on out all TELEMA Group activities concerning liquid resistance starters are centralized at GINO-AKA SAS. All former employees by of AKA Automatismes are taken over by GINO-AKA SAS and Kevin Phillips from GINO AG is appointed as managing director.

  • 2019

    The AKAGrad32 revision G is launched including new features such as embedded Profinet connection as well as “Synchro” power savings mode. The equipment now meets the newest communication standards.

  • 2016

    The AKAMAS performance monitoring device was developed and put onto the market. This equipment is unique on the market and makes us the technology leader in liquid resistance starters.

  • 2015

    AKA Automatismes introduces the new LRS series AK10-AK60 to follow the classic AK1 to AK6 starter series. The new line introduces new technical features that significantly increase the starting performance. Simultaneously the MAK variation was developed especially for mining customers to reach the highest permanence on the market.

  • 2011

    GINO AG develops a own liquid resistance starter after previously reselling equipment from other manufacturers. GINO AG successfully sold the FE-Series to customers until the acquisition of AKA Automatismes in 2020 when it was decided to focus on the AK & MAK liquid starters.

  • 2010

    May 2010 the shareholder Telema Holding S.r.l. Milan/Italy takes over all shares of GINO GmbH, Bonn. The legal form of GINO GmbH changes to GINO AG (“Aktiengesellschaft”). The previous managing partners Dipl. Kfm. Jakob Gielen and Dipl. Ing. Michael Hahn are appointed to the Executive Board of GINO AG.

  • 2000

    The AKGrad32 thyristor power controller was developed. This product has been specially developed for Floatglass furnaces and is interchangeable with the Alstom Cegelec Gradathyr product line.

  • 1988

    AKA Automatismes was founded by Mr. Albert Kohen and quickly developed into a leading brand for liquid resistance starters as well as industrial heating equipment.

  • 1977

    1977 marked the year of the founding of GINO (Gielen + Nothnagel) GmbH with a nominal capital of DM 400,000. Sales in the first year of business came in at DM 1.8 million. After its founding, the company’s acquired the activities of the resistor manufacturer C. Wiemann, who had been manufacturing resistors of all types for 60 years under the name of C. Wiemann Elektrotechnische Fabrik.