Thyristor power controller AKGrad32

AKGrad32 Power controller

The AKGrad32 SCR power controller performs a smooth and continuous regulation of the power dissipated by heating elements in various applications. The power regulation to any setpoint within the range is accomplished by thyristors switching ON or OFF every half cycle (typ. 10ms) of the AC electrical power line. Typical applications for the AKGrad32 is as heat treatment controller in tin bath or lehr heating furnaces in the glass industry or as a controller for resistive heating load banks.

Each SCR/thyristor is a switching device which can provide fast AC full-wave or proportional phase angle conduction of electric power. The AKGrad32 performs a well-balanced power regulation with the highest accuracy for your heating process. At the same time, it guarantees an optimized heater lifetime following the specifications of various heating element manufacturers.

Thanks to its powerful 32bit DSP processor, an AKGrad32 calculates true RMS U, I, P and R for each phase in a closed loop and compensates temperature drifts of the heaters as well as power supply fluctuations. The powerful measurement system also enables:

  • High precision closed-loop kW, rate %, I² or U² regulation and real-time adaptation to the power line variations;
  • Phase angle soft start for loads with high cold/hot variation and load failure diagnosis;
  • Patented soft-start firing for inductive downstream transformer which avoids any over current peak due to magnetic current;
  • Protections against over current peak, instantaneous correction against voltage slowdown or load surge;
  • Patented algorithm integrated into each AKGrad32 control card for power savings and flicker suppression with the SYNCHRO feature (optional).