Liquid starters AK/MAK/SK

Liquid resistance starter type AK, MAK and SK

GINO-AKA provides two unique starting solutions depending on the specific requirements of the customer and the application. For cement mills and standard applications, the AK series offers solid performance for a great value. For larger machines, typically used in mining applications, such as Ball and SAG Mills we offer the MAK series with additional features to reach higher performance levels. To complete the portfolio of stepless, moving electrode liquid starters GINO-AKA recently developed the SK series starters that are designed specially for smaller motors from 500kW to 2000kW.

Advantages of GINO-AKA LRS technology

GINO-AKA liquid starters are unique in design and performance. The heart of the starter is the electrode system. GINO-AKA features the triangular electrode positioning that ensures symmetrical heat distribution within the three phases of the slipring motors. Also long electrode travel distance guarantees smoothest startup behaviour with high top to bottom resistance ratio (turndown ratio). To ensure longest operational lifetime of the starters all bushings and entries are above water level to eliminate the risk of leakages.