Motor protection device AKAMAS


The starting of a slip ring motor is influenced by many factors. Achieving a smooth start of the driven load is of high importance in order to spare the drive system of high mechanical stress and the grid from high current peaks.

With the AKAMAS monitoring device, GINO-AKA provides a specially developed tool that measures the rotor currents in two phases of the wound rotor induction motors (WRIM) rotor circuit and calculates multiple starting performance characteristics in real-time. The measured data of the AKAMAS is logged in customized software and can be analyzed by the users. In addition, the starting curves and performance indicators are displayed on the integrated touch display.

The AKAMAS is the first standalone device that enables the users to have a solid measurement-based analysis of the starting procedure and empowers them to adjust the liquid resistance starters settings to meet the requirements of the application. Also, it can be used as a remote monitoring and surveillance device that will detect if the starting behavior deteriorates during the lifetime of the starters and inform when maintenance is necessary.


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Following performance indicators and starting characteristics are calculated by the AKAMAS:

  • Overall RMS rotor current of the motor in A
  • Real-time motor speed in RPM
  • Power on the motor shaft in kW
  • Real-time motor slip in %
  • Short circuit current spike in A
  • LRS Turndown ratio
  • LRS resistance

The measured values can be made available to the user via USB, Ethernet or WIFI. The user can now analyse starting performance, make necessary adjustments or send the measurements to GINO-AKA for professional remote analysis.