Liquid Starters & Power Controllers

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GINO-AKA SAS history dates back to 1988 when Mr. Albert Kohen founded the company AKA Automatismes. Since the companies creation we have been continuously innovating in order to strengthen its position as a leading European manufacturer of power electronics and motor starters. By focusing on research and development we have built up more than 30 years of know-how. After the retierement of Mr. Albert Kohen the company AKA-Automatismes was aquired by Telema Group companies GINO AG (Germany) and Resistel (France) to form the new entity GINO-AKA SAS. Since the founding, GINO-AKA SAS is the competence center for all motor starting and thyristor controller applications within the TELEMA Group of companies and has developed into the market leader of its respective industries.



Liquid Starters

GINO-AKA liquid resistance starters are well-known and recognized all over the globe. With our starter types AK,SK,MAK and ARL we can offer a suitable solution for any requirement.

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AKAMAS Analyzers

The AKAMAS is a unique piece of equipment that measures and calculates different performance indicators of liquid starters and slipring motors. It is available handheld or embedded in GINO-AKA liquid starters.

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Power Controllers

The AKGRAD32 Power controller is used for precisely controlling heating resistors for various applications. It is available for different power ranges and adaptable to fit your heat treatment application.

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