Multizone controller AKABOX

AKABOX Multizone Controller

The PowerBox is a power controller device dedicated to multiple zones heating. It manages up to
24 monophased or triphased “zero crossing” from 60 to 690V - 5 to 120A.

The AKABOX utilizes the advanced control board from the well proven AKGrad32 and combines it with the compact power part containing 24 integrated solid state relays. The AKABOX can be integrated into any plant control system by ModbusTCP / Modbus RTU / Profibus or Profinet

Advantages of using the AKABOX controllers for your heating project:

  • Elimination of harmonics
  • Prevention of power peaks
  • No flickering of the power grid
  • Optimization of the real power share
  • Automatic load recognition
  • Smart Power Limitation