SKS – Dynamic starters for Shredders

Dynamic starters for Shredders - SKS

In addition to the regular liquid starter portfolio GINO-AKA SAS specializes on custom made solutions for the shredder industry.

High power shredders are used predominantly in the sugar cane as well as the metal scrap recycling industry. With these shredders high density material is reduced to a more manageable size for further processing. During the shredding process the power draw is in direct dependency of the material input and can therefore vary significantly. In practical use this can lead to large power fluctuations and overcurrent appearing on the supply grid of the WRIM.

In contradiction to a classic liquid starter application such as on cement or mining mill drives, for shredders the LRS is used to counteract these overcurrent events by detecting and introducing a calculated resistance value into the rotor circuit of the WRIM. In order to react as fast as possible the SKS shredders utilize high sampling rate automation components as well as a high speed linear drive for electrode movement.

The SKS Series starters can also be used for other applications that require unique starting profiles and speed control such as fans, pumps or motor test fields.


Advantages of SKS liquid starters

The robust design guarantees high operational reliability and long service life. In addition to the highly dynamic LRS GINO-AKA SAS also provides tailor made arc flash proof medium voltage cabinets with newest MCC technology out of own manufacturing.

The benefits of the SK liquid starter series at a glance:

  • High speed belt drive with 800mm/s speed
  • Closed loop AKAMAS control algorithm
  • Direct electrode cooling distribution
  • Active Electrolyte cooling by heat exchangers
  • Protection class: IP 55
  • Lightweight V-Type Electrodes with high TDR
  • Bushings above water level